Friday, February 13, 2009

The Contemporary Curiosity

I went into this store accidentally when I was Christmas shopping on Valencia Street.
It is interesting and people find it awe-inspiring in it's supposed novelty, but really I got kind of mad being there. A pretty frivolous and unscientific (i.e. ill-informed) take on the curiosity cabinets of "yore."


Museum of Bad Art

"Art too bad to be ignored"

All of the works have captions, like this one:

"The organ master stares, transfixed by twin mysterious visions; the Neanderthal saint in the setting sun and the Gothic monk proceeding out from the cathedral's sanctum -- each framed by a halo of organ pipes, reminiscent of #2 pencils."

Apparently, this impressionist piece was the impetus, the founding catalyst, of the museum.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


the brain's my favorite

von Hagens

big and beautiful

large and in charge

BASICALLY .. . . . .



oh, things

dora maar

man ray



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